One of the brightest moments for me is right now. This week...the holidays, the superbowl of non profit work. My greatest job comes from acting as a facilitator for giving. I love being able to give people a way to give in a way that is meaningful to them- whether that means filling a stocking, buying a gift, or providing dinner for a family. I often feel that, as the middle man, I get the see the best parts of both parties, the giver and the receiver. I love the relief in a parents face when they find out that they are getting help , without asking, for the holidays. I also love watching my staff work together for long days, putting together gifts for families, and literally laughing all the way. We are very blessed to be in a community (global community) where people ARE good.- Marci Volmer, Area Director Boys and Girls Clubs of Snohomish County

Marci is one of the incredible beings I had in my leadership class.  This exchange between people, that Marci describes above, is the essence of leadership, it is the way we exchange something with each other. It is our attitude, our intention, the way we receive and "see" the heart of each other. May 2015 be filled with thoughtful interactions. Wishing you joy.- Sarri

Every day in many communities across the country Boys and Girls Clubs are providing a safe place for kids before and after school while their parents work. These crucial settings help with homework, snacks, fun activities, and keep many many kids safe. If you would like to learn more, click here.


I asked a couple of people to share with me some of the highlights from the places that make a big difference.  I wanted to share with you some heart-messages for the holidays.


One of our clients (age 4) received her first wheel chair while staying with us in the shelter. Her mother  always had to carry her until she was able to get safe and stable. Everyone in the shelter (advocates, other residence, all the other children in the shelter) stood, clapped and sang as she drove herself around in her amazing chair.  A wild party ensued and the smiles could be seen from the moon.  She was free, finally free to be a child and she was so very happy. In our new shelter we now have ADA rooms available which we did not have at the old location.  This beautiful life changing moment for this precious soul would not have happened if we had not moved into our new beautiful facility. It was indeed a bright moment. - Vicci L Hilty, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County

Restoration is the most important task people can do. Restoring your heart, or a relationship, or a community, or people who need support, restoring value, the earth, a company, or endangered animals, there are so many opportunities to make a difference. Every single day at Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County, they restore moms and their children.

We all benefit from acts of restoration.
If you want our world to be a better a place, you must engage in acts of restoration. Much of my work with people is about restoration. Sometimes people find themselves "giving up", not thinking restoration is possible. This joy that touches the moon as Vicci describes, is what happens when we get past the barriers, past the "I can't", and find new possibility. We get our wheels under us.
As we move into 2015, prioritize all acts of restoration.- Sarri

If you would like to learn more about Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County, please click here.


I asked a couple of people to share with me some of the highlights from the places that make a big difference.  I wanted to share with you some heart-messages for the holidays.


 He is a youth that tends to be a bit of a show off, acting like he doesn’t need anyone or anything, like nothing matters and he doesn’t care.  We were all worried about him.  I got to observe him patiently sitting on a bench trying to lure the squirrel that seems to reside in our courtyard to him.  The young man had placed some nuts on his shoe and he sat patiently, silently coaxing this squirrel to his foot.  When the squirrel finally did run up and grab a nut the smile on this kid’s face was priceless.  And then to watch him run in to share his excitement about this little event with his fellow youth and staff – well it made me feel like he was able to reconnect with the world.  Such a small thing, and such joy that it brought. - Cassie Franklin, CEO Cocoon House

Reconnecting with the world. To make a connection or reconnection, we journey outward. We don't know if someone will be there to greet us. I have been both the  squirrel and the boy at times.
It is a great practice to recognize when someone is waiting for notice them. 
The kindness of your connection can offer so much.
It was a long time ago that I started Cocoon House. I can't imagine what would have happened if the Lion's club did not step forward and offer to buy a house to start the shelter for teens- way back in 1991. They mortgaged their Bingo Parlor for a total stranger.  And changed the lives of thousands of kids for 24 years! What a powerful connection. You never know what happens when you put a nut on your foot.
More recently, I had a friend from long ago reach out to me on Facebook. He started with an apology, something he wanted to deliver to me. It was the nut on his foot.
This was not an apology I was waiting for or seeking, but I realized receiving it was very important.  I accepted the nut in the loving spirit it was offered. 
We get so many chances to create connections. 

Keep putting the nut on your foot! Extraordinary things happen. - Sarri

To learn more about Cocoon House,  please click here