Barking at The Buddha™️

Barking at The Buddha™️
 (In 3 parts)

Part 1: What Is.

There are times when we are stressed and may struggle to accept what is.

A month ago, I had an accident, tripping on a sidewalk to avoid a construction zone. It turned into a trauma as I was rushed to an emergency room and into surgery on my femur and hip.
What is raw
What is harder than you expected
What is not what you wanted
What is painful
My new phrase to describe this difficulty to accept what is,
Barking at the Buddha.
I bought this beautiful handmade statue of a sitting Buddha, because it reminded me of a visualization, I had a long time ago of a healer. He was small, very round, and bald and appeared to help me get through a difficult time.
It’s been more than thirty years since I met this little fellow in my visualization, and when I saw this statue. It was him.
I brought him home.
My daughter visited with her dog, and the dog stood barking at the little statue.
The dog got me. I found myself so frustrated, so injured, I was barking at the Buddha.
Until I was able to go from seeing myself as injured
to seeing myself as healing.
Whatever “it” is that you are going through now, be right you are.
It’s okay to Bark at the Buddha.
The little round Buddha statue can take it.

Part 2: How does this relate to boundaries? 

Trauma and Health issues are two of the six extreme boundary challenges I teach about. Here I was having a double hitter.
Our boundaries feel weak and can collapse under the pressure of both a trauma and health condition. So many decisions to make, I struggled to decide even the simplest of things, what to eat each day. The expenses piled up quickly as I spent 20 days in the hospital. It was as if there were no boundaries on expenses. All this is part of the extreme boundary challenge. Decisions about when I could leave was out of my hands. The medicine, I did not want to take, I had to take. The decision was out of my hands. It’s hard to hold up your boundaries when so much is out of your hands.

Part 3: Where do you find friends like these? 

I am home recovering. I am being loved and cared for. I am seeing so much giving from my family and dear friends.
Someone asked me, “Where do you find friends like this?”
One of my girlfriends Karla, moved into my house for the entire time I was in the hospital, and she cared for our dogs.
My daughter Somer, took a week off of work and flew to be with me in the hospital to help get me moving.
My girlfriend Tammy in Florida where I fell, was with me day and night, communicating to my family till they could get to Florida, and she was bringing all kind of comforts to the hospital.
My husband slept in my room in each night in the hospital.
Where do you find friends like these?
My friend Charlene texts me every morning, what do you need? I am here.
My daughter Aliza reads all of my labs, looking for signs of hope, visits me at home with bright golden flowers.
Friends are cooking, a book is delivered on healing, a friend, Debra brings a huge basket of things she has baked, flowers are brought, the dogs are getting walked, I am lifted and carried.
A check came by mail. My office rent was returned because the landlord knew I couldn't work last month. 
Where do you find friends like these?
I have no idea.
Show up for others. Participate in circles of love and support. 
Give what you can. 
One day, you never know when, you’ll be grateful as I am for their compassionate care.

I will heal. This will take time. I'm being with what is. Grateful for so much love. 
May you be well.