Most Influential Read of 2018

I read a lot of books that I loved this year, but I decided to write about the book that had the biggest impact on me for 2018, The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker.
If you are someone who brings groups of people together for meetings, events, dinner parties,work or play, there is something in this book for you.
Priya Parker emphasizes the importance of boundaries for any gathering. "If everyone is invited, no one is invited." Size does matter. She covers a list of boundaries every organizer should consider. She helps you think about your role during the gathering as a connector and community builder. I can't tell you how many times I've seen organizers disappear into the background when actually they are needed to take on more of a role for their gathering. 

My take away: I think differently about my own events, workshops, and gatherings. I have a list in my head now that is different than the list of things I used to think about.  I also feel very relaxed hosting anything because I feel more confident that my attention is on all the right things to make it a great experience for attendees. I understand better the significance of why we gather and feel a deep commitment to it.
I used to spend lots of time over- preparing my content for gatherings to be sure I had enough for everyone to do. Now I have my attention on other things and it makes the organizing easy. Though I've had successful gatherings in the past, I believe this book has helped me take it up a notch. I keep giving credit to this author for the new ways I am thinking. And that to me is what an influential read must do.  

Your time is precious. And any gathering needs to be worthy of your attention. 

"What do you think is the most needed conversation for this group to have now? "