Ways to Care for Caregivers & Caretakers

Love Note to Caregivers and Caretakers....

Can you hold you? 
Wrap your arms around you, massage your hands and feet. 
Can you linger in the arms of a hug. 
If there isn’t someone near you, can you close your eyes and envision being held.

Take time to step outside and breathe.
Do you see the stars, the moon? Is it raining?
Let the wind and weather touch your skin.

Is there a gift of roses you can give yourself? 
What would be a simple gift for you? Is it a book, time to nap, a walk with a friend, a yoga class, a delicious cup of tea?

Take time to open your journal. 
Write and listen to your own voice.

Go as far as you need to rescue your heart. 
Have you been immersed in sorrow or sadness?
 Where is your heart right now? 
Go be with your heart and hold your heart.

Create a small sanctuary for your heart.
It can be a tent, a book, your bed, your porch, a park bench, a shawl wrapped around you.
Find a place to be with you for awhile.

Caregivers/Caretakers is one of the 7 patterns found in the book Transform Your Boundaries. This is a challenging pattern to find time for you and meet any of your needs because others need you. In the book you will find some ways to help you care for you. 

About the collage above: I made this collage to offer nurturing support for caregivers. It has reminders to care for you.  Please share this blog with a friend.