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Ways to Care for Caregivers & Caretakers

Love Note to Caregivers and Caretakers....

How to Begin Sticking Up for Yourself

If you haven't been sticking up for yourself, it can be daunting to figure out how to turn things around. You may feel hurt by other people, frequently. You may even be thinking this is somehow your fault. You may wonder why are people stepping all over you?
Is it time for you to get on your own team? Are you needing some boundaries? Boundaries can feel really hard to establish if you don’t practice using them. Sometimes you rob yourself and won’t allow yourself to stand up for yourself when you need to. We all know that wrenching feeling in our gut when we are not standing up for ourselves.
What are boundary violations? When you are being treated badly, with rude behavior, you notice. You are not being overly sensitive. In fact, when your feelings are mocked, or discounted that way, it is a boundary violation. Maybe you are being stepped on by someone who bullies you. Maybe you feel stepped on by someone who tells you what you “should” feel, rather than listening to how you actual…