The Art of Reflection


I have been teaching reflective processes for a long time because they help you in so many ways to: untangle your knots, choose the steps in your path, lead, heal, figure out your boundaries, know your truth, and get grounded. Reflection is key to your relationship with yourself and others.

Reflection allows you to connect to your wisdom.

But how do you reflect?

You need to use a process for reflection. I have become a big fan of the SoulCollage® process for reflection because it is so darn effective for getting to your truth. It is also fun and full of surprises. I think it offers lots for those of you who need some relaxing restorative time.

In SoulCollage® you put together images (no words) on a card to form a collage. You reflect on what you see in the card. Working with just images, you get to know yourself from your right side of your brain. Each card you create becomes an aspect of yourself. The cards help you see parts of yourself that may be hidden from your view. Hidden gems are revealed in every SoulCollage®.

I've recently become a SoulCollage® facilitator. SoulCollage® was developed by Marriage and Family Therapist, Sena Frost. Though Sena is long passed away, I speak her language as we are both from the same school of therapy. I was drawn to her work.

I am a big fan of writing as a reflective process and SoulCollage® uses a writing component (left side of brain). Because this reflective process uses both parts of your brain, you get the chance to access more of yourself and your soul.

How does this relate to boundaries?

Listening to your boundaries is also a way of knowing yourself and of bringing clarity to who you are and what matters to you. Your inner boundary compass answers what is a Yes for you and what is a No.

To know your boundaries, your truth, your authentic Yes and No, you need to use a reflective process.
A reflective process offers you a doorway in to listen to your truth and understand yourself.

If you'd like to dive in and try SoulCollage® as a reflective process, join me for a full day workshop (click here for more info- or paste ticket link in browser) October 27 at the Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island, Washington.

You can contact me if you are interested in SoulCollage® for a fun and relaxing workplace wellness workshop or as a travel retreat. I am happy to share this with you in beautiful places. Next week I am taking it to a retreat in France. I think a nurturing setting enhances the experience.

Save the date to join me for a 3-day Retreat at the glorious Whidbey Institute on Finding Your Way with Your Boundaries March 1-3, 2019. More info on that soon.

Reflection Photo by Sarri taken at Bloedel Reserve.