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We Can Stop Using Boundaries to Protect Racism

On Saturday: Before any news from Charlottesville, VA broke, I was out running on Maxwelton Road on Whidbey Island. The opposite end of the country. About halfway into my run, a young woman came running towards me waving her arms to stop me. She looked to be about my daughters age, late 20’s maybe 30. I pulled out my ear phones and stopped to listen. She was dressed in running gear and had come from the place I was heading. She said, “Don’t go up the road, there is a guy up ahead that feels dangerous!” I could sense her fear. I asked her if anything happened to her, she said no.  I asked if she lived here.We get many tourists especially on Saturdays. I wondered if some of our local people could look a bit peculiar, maybe scary if you don’t know them. She said she lived here. I told her not to be afraid, that I would turn around and run her back to town. “I will be right behind you, I have your back” This is what we are struggling to build in America.  We need to have each other&…