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How to have a Happier Holiday

The holidays can be an overwhelming tide of emotions, expectations, and tasks. Boundaries are a great way to keep everything in check.
#1: Put all of your boundary focus on you.What? Not on your crazy relatives, or the date someone brings to dinner, just you.You can only control you.
Your boundaries are not some miracle wand you can wave to get everyone else to do what you want this holiday season. That is not what boundaries are about. Use your boundaries to free your mind of, “Things you can’t control”.
Boundaries are about how you will take care of you, your own emotions, and your own expectations.
#2: Use an OPTION or ALTERNATIVE when necessary. If there is a family that indulges in things you don’t like, such as too many gifts, too much drinking, too much eating; it is okay to take steps to take care of you. You can excuse yourself from participating. You can join in later or earlier, you can skip anything that is unhealthy or dangerous for you. In fact, please skip things tha…