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Meet The Book Midwife

 Deborah Nedelman, Ph.D, is my book midwife.  I shape my books with her by my side because she has both the clinical understanding and the diving skills required for writing. She writes, offers writing workshops, and works with individual clients as a manuscript coach and an editor. One of her workshops is called Writing To Heal. My book, Transform Your Boundaries, has a journal component, to encourage you to write and dive into your experience.
“There is a large body of psychological and medical literature that supports the idea that writing about difficult life events can enhance the healing process, both emotionally and physically.” Deborah Nedelman

1.You were a therapist and a psychotherapy professor. When and why did you decide to become a writing coach?
As you know, Sarri, I worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice for 35 years. In 2005, I wrote a self-help book with a colleague. In that process, I realized that writing was what got my juices flowing. After that book