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How can you recover from anxiety?

A high level of anxiety means your boundaries need to be checked. You may have too many stressors. Your mind-body-spirit may be overwhelmed. You also may not be responding to the anxiety in a way that addresses the life issue.

Are you anxious about a relationship, or job, or someone in your family with a drug/alcohol problem?
Do you worry about money or health issues? Do you feel a sense of dread about something?
Do you find yourself ignoring or postponing a decision, leaving you with anxiety or worry? Do you find yourself going silent and holding back because you are afraid to speak up or there doesn’t seem to be a point in speaking up?

Your anxiety is a signal, a warning that you may need to raise your boundary or address a situation in your life in a different way.

If you aren't using your boundaries when you get a signal, your anxiety symptoms may get worse. 
Anxiety is not the only signal we get to raise our boundaries. Sleeplessness, depression, and other symptoms are also signa…