4 Ways to Lower Holiday Stress This Season

I think of the holiday season as "boundary season". Truly we practice our boundaries all the time, every day. If you need improve your boundaries at work and at home, join me for my next workshop Sunday Nov. 16 in Seattle. Learn ways to deal with boundary pushers, challenges, and increasing your own wellbeing- REGISTER HERE

Many people notice a higher level of stress all through the holiday season. Here are 4 skills you can practice during the holiday season to lower your stress.

Tip #1 Inclusion is less stressful than exclusion. The true meaning of the holidays are extinguished when people are made to feel unwanted and uninvited. This is a good time of year to practice kindness.

Tip #2: Focus on appreciation rather than criticism. Negative talk is toxic. Be thoughtful about what you say.

Tip #3. Leave time to not be rushed. If you have "too much to do", take responsibility to take some things off your list so you have "less to do" and more time to be. You will find this far more satisfying.

Tip #4: It is not your job to meet everyone's expectations and demands. Be brave and clarify what is ok for you and what is not.

Sharpen your boundary tool set and build boundaries where you need them at work and at home Sunday November 16 in Seattle. Register Here.