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Are you Adopting a Rescue-Dog?

There are some boundaries you may want to carefully consider before you adopt. We adopted CocoRoo two weeks ago. I had never adopted a dog, all of my dogs were raised from pups, including my Chihuahuathat I have now- Romeo. I adopted an older dog because Romeo doesn’t really like active young dogs. He likes older sickly dogs. So I knew he’d like CocoRoo.
She being a rescue was not the raised the way I raised Romeo. You can watch an older dog and see what they are familiar with and what they have been exposed to. CocoRoo doesn’t sniff anything on our walks and jumps at every sound. I found giving her short run helps her settle down for walking. She is learning about walks outside in new places, not barking at everyone and every dog.
She has not been reliably fed. She was brought to the shelter emaciated and very sick. So we feed her on a schedule that she can count on. She is learning not to dive into Romeo’s bowl when he is eating. She was used to some kind of “group” feed where sh…