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Boundaries, Medicine, and You

What makes your life worth living is one of the most intimate and important things for you to know about yourself. What matters most to you may be under construction. What matters most will change many times over the course of your lifetime.
In the book Being Mortal, you get to stand inside Dr. Gawande’s head as he asks the most important questions about where is the line, the boundary, where medicine does more harm than good.
On every page of this book I thought of my conversations with clients over the years. What is most important to you right now? Since I don’t have any medicine to offer, when my clients are struggling with serious health issues, as a therapist my tools are to help people know, truly know, what matters most to them and sort out how they want to proceed with their medical care.
As I read Being Mortal, Dr. Gawande explains what he has learned through these conversations. But he is honest about how ill-equipped he was to have these conversations, regrets he had, an…