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The Best Way to Care for Your Emotions or What to do about the Guy in the Pool

We are feeling beings. Emotions are like a weather system; they are always passing through. Stay aware and recognize your emotions. Your emotions belong to you. Pay attention to your feelings. If you do not take care of your feelings, they will become very troubling. 
My friend Phil asked me to share some of the best ways to care for your emotions.
First, never ever take a feeling at “face value”. What you see at first is only the face of an emotion - anger, sad, embarrassed, anxious, etc. There is always more behind that surface of a feeling. You need to Unmask it. Get to know what is behind the surface of the feeling.

Be curious and ask yourself questions about your feelings. Do an investigation. I promise you will make discoveries. As you get better at investigating feelings, you can do this with others, but for now, practice with yourself.
What brought this feeling to the surface? What happened? What story am I telling myself about what happened? Am I willing to hear any othe…