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The World Happiness Report 2015 and You

Oh yes, there is A World Happiness Report 2015 and it was first issued in 2012 in support of a United Nations Summit on Happiness and Well-being. The 2015 report is focused on how nations are starting to use well-being and happiness as a way to guide public policy and development.

The happiness data is being used to improve sustainable development, improve mental health for children, and create community-level supports for happiness. 
It is exciting to see there is an interest in happiness and well-being. The World Happiness Report reviews life reports about stress, depression, pain, sadness, ability to sleep at night, feeling safe, trust within a community. 
As you can guess, we all can improve in happiness and well- being. 
Start by answering 4 questions thinking about your home, your work, and your community.
1-What could you do to increase your happiness? 2-What could you do to lower your stress? 3-What could you do to contribute to the happiness of others?
4- How can your leaders…