The World Happiness Report 2015 and You

Oh yes, there is A World Happiness Report 2015 and it was first issued in 2012 in support of a United Nations Summit on Happiness and Well-being. The 2015 report is focused on how nations are starting to use well-being and happiness as a way to guide public policy and development.

The happiness data is being used to improve sustainable development, improve mental health for children, and create community-level supports for happiness. 

It is exciting to see there is an interest in happiness and well-being. The World Happiness Report reviews life reports about stress, depression, pain, sadness, ability to sleep at night, feeling safe, trust within a community. 

As you can guess, we all can improve in happiness and well- being. 

Start by answering 4 questions thinking about your home, your work, and your community.

1-What could you do to increase your happiness?
2-What could you do to lower your stress?
3-What could you do to contribute to the happiness of others?
4- How can your leadership become an influence to lower stress and increase happiness?

I find this report relieving to read. Though our country includes the pursuit of happiness as our reason for being, we seem to have lost sight of it as a priority. We have so much work to do to improve on well-being. 

I do believe a significant way to improve well-being is to  connect to the power of your Yes and No. To listen to your boundaries. Some of the benefits of living in alignment with your own Yes and No is it will allow you to lower your stress and increase your happiness. As you develop healthy boundaries, you will be able to support others to have healthy boundaries and better self-care.