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Preventing Overwhelm On the Job

Business today requires using a wide range of skills. This may be especially true if you are an entrepreneur or business owner. Notice which skill set you are using the most – or possibly over-utilizing.For example, I am a therapist and a skilled listener. The kind of listening that I do is very focused. I use this skillset for hours at time.
In order to prevent overwhelm, it’s crucial to rest the skill that you’re using the most. Think about your business in terms of your skill set. Are you a problem solver? Negotiator? Finder-of things? Decision-maker?
I’m very reliant on my listening skills. When I come home from work, I intentionally “rest” my listening skills. I stay off the phone as much as possible. I don’t have background music playing all the time. I rest my ears and my mind.
Have you ever had tennis elbow, or some other over-use injury? Our business skills can also be “injured” from over-use. If you are a problem-solver or decision-maker all day long, it is important to rest …