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How do you say no to people who get angry?

How do you say no to people who get angry at you for saying no? This is a question I received in writing. Every now and then, I will post one of the great questions I receive by email or in workshops.                                                    Tom Petty 
Saying No when you need to is an essential life skill, leadership skill, and wellness skill. When other people get angry about your boundary, it means they can see your boundary.Stand up and take a bow.You have been heard! It does not mean you should change your boundary for them. But very often, people do.
It’s normal for other people to try to push and manipulate your boundary.Expect it.It’s helpful to think ahead about how the people in your life might try to manipulate your boundary.If you were going on a trip to somewhere warm and sunny, you would pack your bag for the weather you expect.You may pack sun lotion, a bathing suit, sandals, a hat, etc.It is useful to “pack” for your boundary as well.Think about what “might” ha…