An Independent Bookstore in Business for 40 Years

Josh has owned Moonraker Books in Langley Washington for 40 years. To read more about this independent woman and her independent bookstore, click here.
I am so honored that she is the first store to carry my book. Thanks Josh, for supporting independent authors. Every writer from Whidbey Island has a book in her store.

A bra with boundaries

My daughter Aliza sent me this inspiring story of an 18 year old girl who is setting boundaries on the bra industry. Go Megan Grassell ! Read about Yellowberry

Book Release Party in my Pajamas!

Transform Your Boundaries book went live on Kindle last night at 1:12 am.  I truly hope this book helps people.

The Transform Your Boundaries workshop is highly interactive and I encourage you to be interactive with the book and journal along with the chapter questions. I’d love to read your journal notes. Feel free to share them with me. I got so excited about the journaling aspect of the book, I included blank pages for your thoughts in the softbound book. In the ebook, you will find the journal questions at the end of each chapter.

The journaling aspect makes this book great to use in discussion groups such as; book clubs, family read for adults, recovery groups for adults, office book read,  and therapy groups.

Thank you for spreading the word, buying the book, and telling others about it.-Sarri